Since 1988 Empaques Rio Grande has been a manufacturer of corrugated cardboard to the export industry (Maquiladora, IMMEX and INDEX) being leaders  in inventory control.

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01 // About Us

More than 30 years in the industry


About us

Since 1988 Empaques Rio Grande has been a manufacturer of corrugated cardboard to the export industry being leaders in inventory control, with the purpose of being a strategic ally for the manufacturing industry (Maquiladora, IMMEX and INDEX), while providing the highest quality packaging for our customers.  

It offers the service of design, inventory control and supply of all types of corrugated cardboard packaging for different industries such as automotive, aeronautical, livestock, pharmaceutical, among many others.   

02 // About us

About us


In more than 635,000 ft2 of facilities, we have the highest technology and highly qualified personnel, being ISO-9001 certified with the capacity to produce up to 5,000 tons per month.

Our products are made under the strictest operating and quality guidelines; In-house laboratory that guarantees the reliability and quality of our products so that they comply with all the quality standards that our clients request.

03 // About us

About us


With 7 facilities in strategic locations in the northeast, center and bajio of Mexico, allow us to be close to our clients, guaranteeing the support and continuity of your operations. 

We want our products to reach all our customers quickly and efficiently, so having this nationwide coverage allow us to achieve our goal.

04 // About us

About Us


At Empaques Rio Grande, we are committed to the environment, that is why our products are made with raw materials from companies certified and internationally recognized for their compliance with environmental regulations and protection of forests and the environment. Also, we have innovated in our processes allowing us to offer substitutes with 100% recyclable materials for your plastic and/or FOAM packaging.

Our vision is to develop sustaibalbe projects with our clients and community, guided by ESG principales. Likewise, our activities are backed by the best business ethics and practices. 


02 // Products


Corrugated boxes

Die cut boxes

Corrugated pallets

Corrugated crates

(Kits)        Additional Services

Chipboard partitions

Edge and corner protections

Cardboard tubes

We have 7 Plants and more than 635,000 ft2 of facilities

03 // Services



Inventory management

-KANBAN inventory management system.
-SMI (Supplier Managed Inventory)            -Inventory distribuition and accommodation service.
-Daily inventory deliveries.
-Own fleet of vehicles.
-Personalized attention.


Product engeering

-Engineering workshops to standardize and optimize packaging, reducing part numbers and cost by packaging redesign. 
-Samples created on our CAM / CAD cutting tables, delivered on time and at no cost. 
-An in-house laboratory that guarantees the quality of our raw materials and finished products.

Certifications and Compliance:

04 // Noticias


Entérate de las ultimas noticias de la industria y nuestra apoyo y participación dentro de ella.

04 // Contacto

Contact us

If you want more information, do not hesitate to send us a message, one of our advisers will contact you shortly



Av. Uniones 2700,Parque Industrial Finsa, Matamoros, Tam. C.P. 87316


Av. Mike Allen 1100,Parque Industrial Reynosa, Reynosa, Tam. C.P. 88780

Nuevo Laredo

Paseo Loma Real 815, Parque Industrial Río Bravo Nuevo Laredo, Tam. C.P. 88275


Av. Miguel de la Madrid km 10.5 Col. Valle Soleado Guadalupe, N.L. C.P. 67114

Santa Catarina

Car. a Villa de García 112-4 Parque Industrial Atlas Santa Catarina, N.L. C.P. 66100


Av. de las Fuentes 44, Parque Ind. Bernardo Quintana Querétaro, Qro. C.P. 76246

Ramos Arizpe

Sigma 3300, Parque Ind. Saltillo-Ramos Arizpe Ramos Arizpe, Coah. C.P. 25900

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