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01 // FAQ’s

No, cardboard pallets have the same resistance and support the same loads and even greater than wooden pallets, a bad spindle can damage them and compromise the quality and resistance of these and any other type of pallets.

No, most of the boxes have a specific purpose, for which the dimensions, gauges, etc. are determined, to fulfill that purpose, our engineering department is in charge of giving you the best solution for your product.

They help us to maintain the structure within a load of boxes stowed on a pallet, in addition to providing support, they provide security by avoiding damage with blows to the corners of your load, as well as in large volume products such as appliances.

Incorrect, cardboard containers have a resistance greater than 4000 pounds above their structure to be able to support more load in addition to the one they carry inside.

Incorrect, although a simple cardboard pallet by itself is not capable of withstanding high humidity conditions, they can be manufactured with special coatings for loads that require it, being even more efficient than wooden ones.

Our cardboard pallets are the best option to ensure a lower cost than the use of wood in most cases, since by not requiring expensive treatments such as thermal or chemical fumigation, they are excellent for export and for sale to retail where product transportation specifications are very strict.

No, most cardboard products include recycled material in their manufacture, which considerably reduces the cutting of trees to produce the fiber that composes them, and these same products enter the recycling cycle when discarded, transforming them into new products.

Our Engineering department can support you in redesigning a suitable box for your product and making samples at no extra cost, we also have a laboratory to guarantee the resistance of the packaging.

We can manage your inventories, we can offer you the best option according to your needs.

Yes, we have ISO 9001: 2015 and HAZMAT certification, which guarantees the quality and efficiency of our products and services.

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